Cluster Layton

A home without boundaries

Blends naturally

Layton is a newly born luxury residence inside the tranquil neighborhood of NavaPark.
This cluster blends naturally with the Cisadane river which gives a sense of living in a natural
park. Located at the heart of BSD City, Layton enjoys all the top-notch facilities including
multiple access from all directions. Layton is also integrated with the private Botanic Park and
NavaPark Country Club—truly a home without boundaries.

Home is a reflection of elegance

Expanding the previous great success story, NavaPark has
chosen to adopt a similar aesthetic for Layton, as they have
with the other clusters within the development. Layton is more
than simply a place to live; it is a way of life, a representation of
elegance and sophistication that was unparalleled in the area.

Envisioned for the future

Layton Type 12Layton Type 15
Lihat Denah Layton Type 12Lihat Denah Layton Type 15


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